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Starting with attracting and engaging the right crowd, captivating them through our shared love of everything automotive and fostering a lasting relationship to enhance brand loyalty, Haute Rod covers all of your event bases. We understand that the success of your program depends on what you do pre-event, during the event and post event - this is so much more than just managing a schedule. Having a partner with capabilities beyond bringing people together for a good time is the difference between simply putting on a fun event, and having a highly successful program.

With the capabilities and knowledge to drive the right leads, build excitement, flawlessly execute a program strategy and track/ manage all prospects post event, Haute Rod ensures that you, and your attendees get the most out of this experience. Because, when it comes to creating a deeper connection between prospects and your brand, we don't pump the brakes after the dust has settled.



The Haute Rod Team has partnered with many of the automotive industry's most elite marketing communications groups to help define the 21st Century Automobile Show – both in-person and online.

With a deep pool of time-tested media and venue relationships and a robust network of specialized vendors, as well as the knowledge to manage dynamic virtual automotive events in the era of COVID-19 (such as 3-D tours, car shows, happy hours, vehicle launches and more), we deliver the talent, resources, and auto show marketing mastery to bring your brand vision to life.

And only Haute Rod has the digital communications, data management expertise, and video content development experience to deliver highly qualified pre-show momentum, automotive lead funneling and reporting on the attendee experience during your event and beyond…with a practiced acumen of post-event communications and automotive contact management for rewarding follow-through.



Haute Rod is at home on the track. We race. We "get" this world like no other race event management partner. A world where cultivating the skills necessary to extract a car's true potential is encouraged and empowered. A world where man and machine become one.

The Haute Rod Team understands the desire to hone driving skills in a safe, organized, exclusive and challenging atmosphere. With flawless track event management, we develop the kind of visceral track experiences that led Steve McQueen to exclaim that "Racing is Life! Anything before or after is just waiting." We'll educate your clientele on the deep performance credentials of your machines while putting a lasting smile on their faces.



Within the A-segment, the success of your test-drive events are crucial to converting prospects to brand enthusiasts. The lifetime value of these "hands-on" product and brand experiences are vital to the future sustainable growth of your marque.

From marque-specific Tier 1 "Cars and Coffee" events to exclusive private drives and remotely-run "touchless test drive" experiences, your Haute Rod Team will exceed your expectations on every benchmark of automotive event marketing success to create test-drive events that align with your brand standards and values…as well as your customers' escalating expectations.

Haute Rod provides the timelines, logistics and data management, compliance checklists, route templates, automotive attendee management and the myriad resources required to host a truly streamlined, concierge-class test-drive event.



With the undeniable success of semi-competitive map rallies nationwide, maybe it's time for your marketing team to separate your experiential automotive event calendar from the competition's with a concierge-class customer rally?

Each day, your customer driver and navigator team will receive a set of course instructions that indicate every turn, speed change, stop, and start that each team must make throughout the rally route. Along the course route are several checkpoints recording the exact time that the team passes that point. The objective is to arrive at each checkpoint at the correct time, not the fastest. Competitive, yes. But refined!

The management of a world-class map driving event experience hinges on the expertise of an experiential automotive event management team that's as well-oiled as the cars competing. Let's talk about a "Lifetime Memory" Haute Rod Rally for your most elite clientele!



Driving a classic car is about living life to its fullest, and a Haute Rod Vintage Event should feel as easy as the wind blowing through your hair, evoking childhood memories for some, and satisfying childhood dreams for others.

As a proven automotive marketing agency, our clients depend on us to thrill vintage enthusiasts of all types, whether marque-specific, period-specific, or performance/capability-specific — putting their brands in the driving seat and boosting guest engagement to the highest level, with the kind of satisfying memories that money alone simply can't buy.



There's no substitute for experience, especially when it comes to staging virtual events. From getting initial buy-in to a flawless finish, Haute Rod offers the comprehensive virtual event planning and execution services that make for a truly captivating online happening.

We can consistently deliver this standard-setting excellence because Haute Rod has in-house experts experienced in every phase of virtual auto show management — from pre-show planning, automotive event advertising and communications to day-of event production and coordination to post-show analysis and follow-up. And we're platform agnostic – meaning we won't sell (or mark up!) technology solutions you don't need to pad our bottom line. We can navigate a system like Bizzabo as nimbly as we can activate on Cadence, so it's really all a matter of what's right for your event, your company, your customers, and your budget.



When it comes to truly unique event marketing for the auto industry, hang on to your helmet! With automotive marketing organizations facing a long list of challenges, from tightening budgets and rising costs to increasing liability risks and ever-increasing competition for share of mind, a V/R-based product experience solution may provide the impact your brand needs to move minds and cars.

The Haute Rod Team delivers — with everything from 360° "product experience" tours, to "Driver's Seat" performance driving virtual reality simulations that mirror the most visceral thrills of an on-road/track driving experience at a fraction of the cost. At the dealership level, or in concert with a core event, Haute Rod V/R has the skills to thrill!



Your brand's ultimate success is contingent upon ensuring that all key corporate stakeholders are living and breathing your brand's mission to delight customers. Proper product training in a collegiate atmosphere of in-person camaraderie or – in the era of social distancing – modern-day immersive virtual events via Zoom, Skype, Go-To-Meeting or any other virtual platform you prefer, can create an environment to unleash the potential of true internal "buy-in" of your broad mar-com strategies.

With the Haute Rod Team's passion-fueled enthusiasm leading the way – we can develop and deliver on every facet of training event management for the auto industry, from pre-event communications and chartered flight management to killer virtual program content, including the development of apps and other tools to get your team primed for a powerful and meaningful brand education.

And the same attention to detail will follow them to and through the training event, often culminating with employee participation awards, but more importantly with the rewards of time spent together, whether it's in person or online, in intimate connection with the customer's experience.

As your automotive event partner, Haute Rod will help you build a deeper relationship between your employees and their brand!



Explore more challenging terrain with a ride-and-drive adventure-class event designed to refine driving technique and enhance way-finding confidence, while preparing your customers (or sales team) for the rigors of real-world off-road environments.

Expert coaching on everything from ascents to descents and water crossings make the adventure-class event a category that's quickly growing in popularity for customer experience rewards, employee incentives, and team-building sessions.

As the expert in auto event marketing management, you can count on Haute Rod to design your Adventure Event experience to be an unforgettable one.

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